A new Bonhoeffer volume in the works

Together with Kirsten Busch Nielsen (University of Copenhagen) and Ralf Wüstenberg (University of Flensburg, Germany), Jens Zimmermann is editing a new collection of essays taken from the the XI International Bonhoeffer Congress in Sigtuna, Sweden. The title of the volume will be To Fall Within the Spokes of the Wheel, a phrase Bonhoeffer used to describe his own strategy of political resistance in the infamous context of Nazi Germany. Renowned Bonhoeffer scholars from around North America, Europe and Africa come together to think through these problems with the valuable and still timely resources in Bonhoeffer’s impressive theological corpus.

Previous volumes in this “Bonhoeffer Interpretations” series (among several others) include:


God Speaks to Us (eds. Ralf Wüstenberg and Jens Zimmermann)

Bonhoeffer, Religion and Politics (eds. Christiane Tietz and Jens Zimmermann)




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