This website is about the concept of humanity in Western culture and the task of retrieving the religious roots of humanism for contemporary society. The idea to create a public space to discuss Christian Humanism arose via a collaborative effort between Professor Jens Zimmermann of Trinity Western University and Aaron Rowe, a graduate of the MA in Interdisciplinary Humanities program at TWU. Joshua Harris, a current TWU MA student, also contributes regularly. His work in continental philosophy and familiarity with Jens’ work in general represents a key addition to the project.

Professor Zimmermann’s work entitled Religion and Humanism: A Call for the Renewal of Western Culture has been published recently by Oxford University Press, and it is the driving force behind the content for this website. Aaron is working specifically on Renaissance Humanism and its connections to civic institutions and educational practice.

Books by Jens

It is also important for us to connect the ideas about humanism discussed in the academy to the culture around us. This is why there will be movie reviews, book discussions, commentary on news stories, etc. We would like people who stop by to read and add their comments to the articles offered. Enjoy!

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