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“Medieval Bodies” Conference at CUA’s Center of Medieval and Byzantine Studies

Attention friends on the East Coast: See below a Call For Papers on medieval bodies for the Center for Medieval and Byzantine Studies at Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C. Note especially that graduate students and undergrads are encouraged to submit!

The Orthodoxy of Unorthodoxy: An Irony in the Newest “Philosophy Bite”

For anyone who is interested in philosophy but doesn’t have time to trudge through behemoth texts like Aristotle’s Metaphysics or Immanuel Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason, philosophers David Edmonds and Nigel Warburton maintain a fantastic collection of podcasts called “Philosophy Bites.” True to its name, “Philosophy Bites” features the perspectives of many world-renowned philosophers on [...]

Beyond Being: Graham Harman and Emmanuel Levinas

On its face, there is perhaps little common ground to be found between the advocates of what is now called “Object-Oriented Ontology” and The Humanist Lens. OOO has gained quite a bit of momentum on the internet and the academy as an internally-consistent challenge to the sort of Heideggerian consensus amongst philosophers who identify as [...]

The Lust of Agreement: On How to [Dis]agree

Perhaps the most influential political philosopher of the latter half of the twentieth century is the late Harvard professor, John Rawls. In his magnum opus, A Theory of Justice, he famously outlines a thought experiment with which he intends to emphasis the plausibility of his conception of justice. This thought experiment is called “the veil of [...]

Guest Post: Christian Humanism and the Foundation of the Liberal Arts

education needs religion

The author of the following piece is Andre Costa, a graduate student at Trinity Western University. Andre’s work focuses on contemporary problems surrounding political correctness and the cultural revolution, but here he offers a summary of Jens Zimmermann’s lecture, “Christian Humanism: The True Foundation of the Liberal Arts.” CLICK HERE for the full audio of [...]

Divided Over Being: Analytic and Continental Philosophy

The work of British philosopher Gilbert Ryle maintains an interesting relationship with fellow giant of twentieth century thought, Martin Heidegger. This relationship, while indeed tenuous and even dismissive at times, marks a significant situation in philosophy—especially regarding the so-called split between “analytic” and “continental” that has arrived as a new sort of philosophical “orthodoxy” in [...]

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