Christological Anthropology

Evolution, Essence, and the BioLogos Debate

BioLogos is the  San Diego-based organization leading the perilous way for science and faith dialogue from a theistic evolutionist perspective. I say “perilous” not to imply some kind of danger they might represent for the church or society, but rather the danger that they choose for themselves by engaging with such a polarizing topic in [...]

Christological Anthropology pt. 3 – Communion with the Trinity

…read part 2 here… What we learn from this brief description of patristic Christological anthropology is first of all that, as creatures, human beings, even before the fall, depended on God’s grace, and as made in Christ’s image, are created with the capacity for communion with the Trinity.[1] Joined to Christ the true image, human [...]

Christological Anthropology pt. 2

…read Part 1 here… It is not Adam, then, who is our ultimate reference for “made in the image of God,” but the incarnate Word, the god-man Jesus the Christ.[1]  As many fathers argued, the incarnation indicates that the first man was created good but not perfect, because had he continued in goodness, he had [...]

The Importance of Christological Anthropology pt. 1


Below is the opening of a presentation by Jens Zimmermann at a conference at Baylor University in early 2012. The purpose of the conference was to bring together a panel of Protestants and Catholics to discuss what it means to live the Christian life. Prof. Zimmermann’s presentation is a stirring call for a re-examination of [...]

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