Hitler’s Rise to Power and the Moral Collapse of Nation

How did it come to this? Sebastian Haffner’s Account of Hitler’s Rise to Power and the Moral Collapse of Nation In early May (May 1-3) of this year, an international group of Bonhoeffer scholars and interested graduate students will discuss the idea of Christian Humanism in Bonhoeffer’s theology and in the works of the well-known American [...]

Giambattista Vico’s On the Study Methods of Our Times

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It would be difficult to find a figure in the Western tradition who embodies the core elements of Christian Humanism as a modern paideia more than the Italian philosopher, Giambattista Vico. In his seminal text, On the Study Methods of Our Times, Vico sketches the intellectual virtues and vices of his own modern age (early 18th [...]

In Education, Tradition does not have to be a bad word

In talking with many parents of students in the public education system, a recurring theme emerges around the issue of values.  Often, a parent has told me that they are going to let their child “figure things out for themselves,” in regards to ethical issues, because the parent had strict parents who told them what [...]

Guest Post: Christian Humanism and the Foundation of the Liberal Arts

education needs religion

The author of the following piece is Andre Costa, a graduate student at Trinity Western University. Andre’s work focuses on contemporary problems surrounding political correctness and the cultural revolution, but here he offers a summary of Jens Zimmermann’s lecture, “Christian Humanism: The True Foundation of the Liberal Arts.” CLICK HERE for the full audio of [...]

An Educational Pause – Why Study the Humanities?

The Study of the Humanities is the Foundation Education “Since, then, the faculty of eloquence is available for both sides, and is of very great service in the enforcing either of wrong or right, why do not good men study to engage it on the side of truth, when bad men use it to obtain [...]

Problems with the Education System pt. 3 – The Absence of Religion

Problem #2: The Absence of Religion When the topic of religion is brought up amongst teachers in a public school, the “separation of church and state” is frequently spouted as the reason why there should be no religious activity in school.  Whether it be content in the course curriculum or simply a Christian club meeting [...]

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