The Problems with the Current Education System pt. 2

continued from pt. 1 What is wrong with being productive members of a democratic society? The philosophy of John Dewey and the non-articulation of what it means to be a democratic citizen has led to two significant problems in education.  First, it resulted in the goal to prepare students to be productive members of a [...]

The Problems with the Current Education System

continued from Reconsidering the Need For a Humanist Education pt 1 Problem #1: Inarticulate Democratic Values part 1 A number of years ago a superintendant from a school district in Illinois came to our district for a presentation.  He is renowned in educational circles because his school district has repeatedly won the awards for “Top School [...]

Reconsidering the need for a Humanist Education pt. 1

When a group of Renaissance teachers got together, read Plato, trash-talked Medieval Scholasticism, and put together an educational plan called the studia humanitatis, they changed the way Western society did education.  Today, our education system shows mere traces of this humanist legacy and there is a desperate need for a discussion on how we lost [...]

The Key to Humanism: Education as Character Formation

Western culture’s humanistic ethos centers on education as character formation and self-understanding for the attainment of wisdom. What unites the thinkers discussed in the following posts is their interest in this basic humanistic ideal—the formation of the human person toward a higher end. These intellectuals are also linked by their explicit engagement with the concept [...]

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