Chapter 1

The Hold of the Solitary Hero of Independent Judgement

Humanism, Culture, Religion

I think therefore I am.  I judge your thoughts because I can.  YOU CAN”T TELL ME WHAT TO THINK! The idea that we are the creators of our own thoughts is one that holds a prominent place in Western society.  This is likely due as much to the rationalist ideal of knowledge as it is [...]

The Exhaustion of Secularism pt. 2 – Faith Seeking Understanding

As we discussed in the previous post, in Western society we have committed a philosophical error in the way we describe the nature of reason which had led to the false claim of the triumph of secularism. The failure of secularism comes in its assumption that knowledge is neutral, dispassionate, and without perspective. Knowledge is [...]

The Exhaustion of Secularism pt. 1

One of the dominant factors in our society’s identity crisis is the exclusion of religion from public institutions. Religion was excluded because of a philosophical error in the way we describe the nature of reason. Due to a number of cultural developments from the sixteenth to the twentieth centuries, Western ideas of reason and truth [...]

The failure of ‘laicite’ and the misunderstanding of separation of church and state

The inability to define and defend Western cultural values is particularly evident in Europe’s present struggle to accommodate demands for different religious cultural identities within a secular state. Much depends, of course, on the definition of ‘secular’ in this regard. The problems of religious and cultural plurality are most pronounced in states committed to the [...]

Chapter 1: Western Culture after Christendom

Who are we and what are we here for? These most ancient of human questions about our identity and purpose lie at the heart of the cultural conflicts we currently experience. The way in which a society answers these questions or refuses to answer them reveals a people’s cultural ethos. Western culture as a whole [...]

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