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Rekindling the Imagination vs Bricks and Mortar

A society requires for its cohesion the inner motivation of its citizens. We have to want to understand ourselves, our history, our heritage, in order for community to be achieved. Unfortunately today, governments are trying to do this through social engineering. Programs are the answer! More programs. If people are doing more “things” or going [...]

True Humanism Requires Religion

Albert Schweitzer said it best when he described how the longing for self-understanding, to know one’s purpose and place in the world, comes from our desire to connect with something greater than ourselves. It is a ‘inner spiritual relation to the world,’ one that is deeply felt and not satisfied by theoretical musings and purely [...]

The Postmodern Problem

Anytime anyone tries to establish a sense of a common Western identity, the “postmodernists” rear their heads and complain about hegemonic takeovers, false metanarratives and other flimsy arguments that are little more than dust on the mantel. But the dust needs to be dusted; therefore, postmodernism must be addressed in light of our project to [...]

Fundamentalism Flawed: Why the battle between secular and religious fundamentalists pointless

If we want to better understand the roots of Western humanism, we must acknowledge the role of religion and how crucial religion is to the foundation of modern day society. Retrieving the religious foundations of Western culture, however, is made difficult by a number of obstacles. The greatest obstacle and one of constant irritation the [...]

The Failure of Multiculturalism

The humanist spirit of our culture comes from religious impulses and makes up a significant part of Western society’s identity. We need to understand this identity because it is crucial for the task of integration of diverse cultures and a dialogue between different people living side by side, in the same neighborhoods. If we want [...]

The call to rediscover Humanism

Wanting to explore the humanist roots of our society, we put out the call for the renewal of Western culture through and exploration of the religious foundation of humanism. This feature blog follows the story for renewal and more specifically, the work of Jens Zimmermann and his Christian Humanism project. This blog is created by [...]

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