Charles Lewis tries to open the discussion just a little bit wider

Charles Lewis wrote a decent article in the National Post drawing attention to this issue of ignorant labeling of “religious” people as bigoted or irrational etc., and this section really stood out as important:

But in the same way the same overarching judgments about religion can be applied to nearly every sphere of life — but they rarely are. Religious institutions are human institutions, even if they are meant to be a window into the divine. Those who do the most wrong get most of the attention while those who do the most good are ignored. Jan 19th, 2011

I find reading the comments particularly interesting and the argument that religion is responsible for (insert atrocity or something else bad here) without the arguer really making any attempt to understand religion, or Christianity, or any other side to the “straw man” they’ve built up just to tear down, frustrating. We’ve all been exposed to ignorant teaching about, well, everything, but it would be foolish to attack something based on one way it’s presented. We all have “beefs” with the systems of this world. Why the systems exists and what their ultimate intention is, involves a much more in depth and interesting discussion.

Read more on the battle of the fundamentalists here

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