Christian Humanism Lecture Series

This lecture series, “Re-envisioning Christian Humanism in Higher Education,” was organized by Jens Zimmermann at Trinity Western University.  In prof. Zimmermann’s work, Humanism and Religion: A Call for the Renewal of Western Culture, (Oxford press, 2012) he challenges readers to take a deeper look at the religious roots of Western society so that we might be able to better address the problems facing our pluralist culture today.  The need for recovering a greater purpose for social practices is indicated by the rapidly increasing number of publications on the demise of higher education, lamenting the fragmentation of knowledge and university culture’s surrender to market-driven pragmatism. This lecture series brings a wide ranging number of voices into the discussion on the idea of Humanism and how it’s Christian roots can have a significant contribution to present discussions on the multi-cultural ethos in which we find ourselves today.

In the video below, Professor Zimmermann gives a brief overview of Humanism and what he is trying to accomplish in his book and the lecture series.

Listen to full audio from some of the speakers in the series

John Behr on Early Christian Humanism

Torrance Kirby on Humanism and the English Reformers

Fr. Martin Schlag on Christian Humanism from a Catholic Perspective

Nicholas Wolterstorff on The Christian Humanism of John Calvin

Christian Humanism

Christian Humanism

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